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John Mayer owns the mother fuckin Grammys [11 Feb 2007|11:20pm]
[ mood | grammy grammy grammy grammy ]

Winner of:

Best Pop Vocal Album - Continuum

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Waiting on the World to Change

Also Nominated for:

Album of the Year - Continuum

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance - Route 66

Best Rock Album - Try! (with the Trio)

So stick that up your ass and swallow it, James Blunt!

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nudge me, and i'll do what you want [31 Jan 2007|08:50pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

So apparently it's horrible that I haven't updated in however long, so here I am.

The only thing I have to say is how disturbing the controversy surrounding Daniel Radcliffe's shirtless pictures is.. I think the pictures are fuckin hilarious and who cares if the kid wants to do a play with his dinky hangin out? He's not ACTUALLY Harry Potter, moms, it's okay if he acts in something else!

I copied the link to my fave and I'm hoping it will actually work ahaaahhhhh
bow chicka bow bowwwCollapse )

[that's right.]

[12 Sep 2006|11:07am]
[ mood | fricken ecstatic to the mizzax ]

within two hours I will own continuum
t h a t i s a l l

[that's right.]

I feel like typing. [16 Aug 2006|06:32pm]
Oh yes. I work Saturday night, so no Sam Roberts/Matt Mays pour moi.

I REALLY had fun at Gillian's party. Wow. That is like the happiest drunk I've ever been, and I was still smiling the next day even with a headache and apparently grinned like a doofus the whole night before haha. But then I get to work and find out I'm working ALONE on a fucking Tuesday night (you all know this is "cheap night") and I was fucking pissed off. So I was being a bitch to everyone, guest and coworker. And then I got in a lard fight lmfao, that made my night for sure, it was fucking hilarious. I thought it was over and I go around the corner and get hit in the face oh my god I can't even describe how hard I laughed. It got stuck in my hair and all over my freshly washed uniform and I was still wiping some off my cheek when I went to serve a guest, it was priceless. And then the man looked at me REALLy odd, and theres Dan running around the back laughing his ass off. Like it couldn't look any worse. But yeah, it turned out not to be that bad, Lauren pretty much closed for me and I got to leave an hour early.

So I get to go to America for the first time, I know this is lame, and I'm certainly not going to New York or anything, but I'm still pretty excited minus the fact that I'm leaving at like 9 am. So my mom thought I was going today I guess so she found my birth certificate fo me and left a note that says:
"claim ipod @ Canadian Border
-no mouthing off to American Border
-Be prepared for Rubber Glove!!"
UMMM.. Yes, I'm going to get there and be like "YANKEE FUCKAS!! Y'ALL R DOUCHEBAGGGZZ!!" and then I'm going to moon them and dare them to stick their fingers up my hoonhan. Thumbs up. I love planning ahead.

I just saw a skittles commercial and now I want some. I need to clean my room. But screw that I'm going to summer in the parks weeeee freegrooouuuuuuuuuunnnndd!
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[07 Aug 2006|02:39am]
[ mood | tired ]

Back from camp. I am actually burned and I know this excites some people *coughAndrew But It's not cool. Peeling is not pretty. And I have a LOT of bruises that I'm blaming you for darling, lmao. I heart you muchos.

Guess where I'm going to be in September? Getting killed in the pit of an Alexisonfire concert. So I'm pretty excited because I get to have a fun little wristband and get sweated and spat on by Georgy. Pretty fucking excited indeed.

Ehhhh alhgliurnlgkaj

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Insomnia puts us in a weird state. Ventimalation. [23 Jul 2006|03:26am]
[ mood | shifty ]

BAHAHAHAHA you've all gone fucking insane!!

There is no hope left. Children, hide under sturdy furniture (ie, oak tables, grand pianos, and the like). Seniors, stand in doorframes (leave your walkers behind). Idiots, Go stand in an open field with your head pointed to the sky, your eyes closed and your tongue out as if to catch a snowflake (this way you can go looking as stupid as I consider you to be).

I will take great pleasure in taking a step back out of the action and observing the shit you put out flying back by boomerang and pummeling some fucking sense into you.

It's very shitty that you find it okay to rip me off and stall on giving me back money that's rightfully mine. You feel it is okay to do so because you have to give other people money.. I'm sorry, but this has dick all to do with me and the fact that you owe me. You can pay me back and stop saying you will and fucking changing your mind last minute. It's been long enough and I know you have it.

Get it over with.

[that's right.]

Dead Man's Chest [09 Jul 2006|12:14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So that movie was pretty much crap.

I napped during it, so -yes.

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I wanna come but I dont want to ruin your night! Make me come please. [05 Jun 2006|11:25pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

"Most Likely To Be Rich and Famous"!!!
Weeeeeeee that was so amazing to find out, wow, as most of you already noticed I was practically crying, and then running and jumping and screaming across the cafeteria. lol, so mature. but I've never had anything like that before so it was pretty exciting. I didn't bring it home because I want to get everyone to sign it, therefore my mother doesn't believe me.

I bought my dress :o
I need to get some alterations done, but I'm stalling. I don't want to have to get it taken in more than once so I want to make sure its going o be right the first time, cause I losee then gain then lose like its nobody's business. Its brown, like reaaaaally dark brown, and then it has a light light baby pink ribbon looking thing around under the breastststs area and then it goes to the floor and its very long. It's very simple and doesnt have the poofy thing goin on. I need to buy some high shoes and a purse and stuff, so I need to go shopping. and I expect that I won't be going alone, bitches! <3

Oh right, I have to present some something about john mayer and how his lyrics are good writing. I didn't prepare anything other than showing one of his music videos, I'm screwed. Kristin, you did fabulously my dear. luckily I don't technically have to follow that act lol. I'm just going to see if I have a white t-shirt so I can match my outfit to his and be hardcore like that. I'm deeeeaaad.

I don't have breast cancer. Check yourself and check a friend. It's about that time.


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Sorry that I was nasty looking and that I responded with something that didn't go with what you said [31 May 2006|10:44am]
[ mood | likey ]

I like when the outdoors smell like purple, and when I get caught gushing about Joaquin Phoenix, and when I'm a dirty filth-pile looking thing (even if I'm perfectly showered) because I didn't have time to do my hair. I just gave away both of my gift ideas, damnit. Ah yes, and wearing my fun in the sun outfit on the wrong day, therefore having absolutely no nothing to wear on actual fun in the sun day. And I love not talking to you.. oh yes thats also a bonus. Fuck.

[that's right.]

Don't fuck around with sensitive people. Seriously. [06 Apr 2006|11:40pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Now that I'm almost done being sick, I can focus on the fact that my heart feels crumpled beyond recognition. Yeah, what a loser.. I don't fucking care. If I don't write at least this cryptic idiotic message I'll be throwing up all night and getting no sleep whatsoever.

Yeah it's true. It has been true for a very long time. I can't actually say this or else someone else will be very hurt for some reason. None of this is understandable, and the confusion makes me feel very ill. I don't know how either.. if either, but what the hell? Not a lot of showing such has been taking place. And I don't know whether to believe any of it. And what the fuck was that all about?

Wow. I'm sorry everyone. Please feel no obligation to make a response. It's not about you anyway.

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Ooh! [24 Mar 2006|11:16am]
[ mood | ♥ Clive Owen ]

The lovely Cherylynn O'Neill-Major (google her, you'll get NO matches!) has informed me that [[[[[Inside Man]]]]] is out today. I get off earlier than usual tomorrow so I want to see it.

So does anyone wanna show up and come see it?
Saturday the 25th the 10:15 show.
Theres no passes, so I can't get you or myself in for free. x(
But gah. Everyone should obviously see this movie, they should also just make sure that they watch it when I do -in the same theatre so that I'm not a big loner. :D

Hm? Wanna? Hmmm?

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[02 Mar 2006|06:47pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm sick as a dog and dirty as a mutt, and I have to go check my schedule tonight. This will be the death of me, I'm gonna walk in there reeking of vicks vaporub and ass. No, on second thought, I'm gonna go have a shower.

But Kristihh, I have a special surprise for you O_o! Clickky!

Oh yes, I managed to watch One Tree Hill Last night. I WAS RIGHT! BRAHAHAHAHA. But no, honestly, I cried throughout most of it lol.. the Jimmy stuff mostly. And the Haley line where she says his name and gets all emotional, gotta admit, that was the highlight of her acting career. :P

"Glenda, I'm sorry I don't know you"
"It's okay, I know you"

I'm scared about what I missed in physics class. I really didn't want to fall behind at all seeing as I can't afford to after the first two weeks.

Britney bought her own engagement ring?! BAHAHAH OMG x'D I'm crying. what a scuzzball, but I love'm. ;P

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woah, now my foot feels like woah [19 Feb 2006|02:02am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Well. How was the cover show? Anyone go? I think I'm slightly less upset about the fact that I couldn't go. too much else on my mind.

I spent the ntire night Friday trying to get rid of my Saturday night shift, no cigar. So then I went home, threw a bitch fit and cried a little.. maybe a lot. This could be because I was very tired, very overworked (all weekend?!? BULLSHIT) or fed up with the fact that if people need a shift change I'm usually like yeah man, sure. I guess I was more pissed at management for being twats and leaving me no options.. and then not finding my unimportant reasons not important enough to try and help a brother out. But, I was half an hour late to work, I wrote down my shift wrong and get a call from Pat like, "why aren't you here?" im like "..i start at 630" shes like "no you start at 5, I suggest you get here" I'm like "O_O! *shitpants" then i was a complete ditz who screwed up everything, and then me and Corrine had jolly good fun insulting everyone that passed through. Then came the Saturday shift, I thought I was just gonne be the biggest cunt and just UGH be so mad at being there, but i dont know, I wasn't, Darren's horribly rude lmao, but its fun anyway, plus I spent my money on caffeine. So then there was a player screening of "Date Movie", now I reALLY didn't want to see this.. it just looked so fucking stupid and whatnot, but I was talked into it. (Always a pushover) Then I was a big dick and got pissed off and complained to Dan that he convinced me to stay and watch a movie and now I was stuck beside Phil so got forced (thank god though) to go sit up quite a ways from everyone else. it was fun, the movie had its moments. I talked lots about the sexiness of facial hair and mutton chops. It ended fast though. Like it turned out to be long when you checked your watch and left but it went by really quickly. So then I'm like no, I dont need a ride home and call up Darren. Then were standing around talking and one guys like "theres a taxi out there", I'm like "yeah-yuh!!" then start heading out the doors, trip on a plastic mini crate thing, then knock over a metal reel thing with my bag, like a big fuckin dick, and I can hear the one broad laughing hysterically, and I'm laughing and dying of embarassment of how much of a clutz I am and then I just like take off and get all paranoid that they're all like "WTF O_O, she just clutzed twice, and got into a cab when she could've gotten a ride w.." Wow. Commiting social suicide has become like breathing for me. Its funny and sad all at the same time.

I'm REALLY tired right now and I'm doing my best to erase m mistakes and not just type all blabbery but I think I'm failing more now so I'm gonna go to bed, plus my foot is sleeping so it knows where it's at.

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Instead I scratched my forehead. [06 Feb 2006|07:49pm]
[ mood | ukrainian ]

I booked off the eleventh.
Provided they actually give me it off, lets go to {{{Gogol Bordello}}} motherfuckers!

Who's coming?
Let's make dates :)

(We have to buy tickets ahead of time, so be fast about it.)
Home: 622-6644
Cell: 472-2435

Woah, weird. KTHXBAI!

[5 behind the tool shed | that's right.]

Here's how it's going down. [04 Feb 2006|11:46am]
[ mood | cactused. ]

I slept out once in a very long time. I figured hey. Even though she finds it okay for me to walk home in the wee hours of the morning -the fact that others don't like that leads me to believe that its for good reason. Then of course I get the expected, you're still sleeping? Go to bed earlier. Wake up call. This time, I am dragged home and shown what my next paycheck will be spent on; Her words not mine. A door! :D My bitch of a dog shredded the door to my room because it was too hot in here and she was 'too lonely' because I never came home. Even though, I'm not the MORON that put them in here in the first place. I don't know how many times I need to explain to her that it's fucking ridiculous for me to be the resident dog-guardian, and be sure to come home during the night so they don't have to sleep alone. Little does she know, that if I did, the dor would have been destroyed, but half as much would've gotten done. Here's an idea. Don't put two mangy mutts in a room all night while they can hear you upstairs and expect Hagrid, or Chellsea, in this case, to come home and care for these magical creatures so that you have someone to put the bill on in case anything like this happens. I don't know how much a door will run me, probably not much, but it's the principle of the thing. I would like very much to not live here and see how long it is before she puts the dogs down or loses what little mind she has left these days. Oh yes, and while I'm at picking up the cheap shredded wood, I can throw in a load of her laundry! :D Fuck her :) I work tonight, and I would rather walk to westfort from silvercity at midnight then do a load of her fucking laundry as some sick way of punishing me and keeping it so she doesn't have to do shit for herself. Yes, I will do your laundry while you feel no need to give me food. Eh, fair trade.

Ah yes. I had the worst dream last night that I have ever had. I hope that by pointing this out it will leave my memory and I won't have to think about it ever again.

But. I got my DVD/EP, and a concert ticket. So things aren't all bad.

Hey, Colin Farell or Ben Affleck?

[Edit] I nearly forgot. Gogol Bordello on the 11th bahahaha Start wearing purple.

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Someone make the whiny bitch shut up [22 Jan 2006|08:39pm]
[ mood | "Oh!" face to the "Zed" ]

It's lost it's sense. It used to make it, but what of it? It made sense in my head.

Work is just hideous, even the things that made it okay have lost the capability. Even worse than before, actually showing up, and actually managing to stay behind that blasted counter without bolting is seemingly impossible. Home is worse. I can't remember the last two words my mother and I have actually spoke to eachother. Everything is a screaming match and everything is idiotic. And refraining from admitting the lack of respect I have for her 'intellect' is becoming harder. She still finds it necessary to have me stay home as the dog guardian or whatever it is, despite how hostile I will be with her for x time afterward. She still finds it impossible to not blame me for every ridiculous mistake she has made in her life, regardless the size and current relevance. That sanity that you have been witnessing escaping me, is continuing to leave and I don't know how much is left. I would like to never break down in front of any of you ever again. I would like to not put so much onto you guys, and have it so that internal issues are in an entirely different area whenever we're doing things. I try to keep it this way as much as possible but I'm starting to wonder how much respect, if any, you still have for me after being around me at my worst(s). My February resolution is to put a foot forward in fixing all of these things. After all, everything that bothers me probably has been a direct result of my attitude problem.

I'm going to have my toes crossed until I get that phone call from HMV. I hope its the guy with the beard and long hair lol. WOAH 27 even!? That's weird!

But I'm happiest when I'm going in the wrong direction.

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farg-o [14 Jan 2006|04:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My hands are sticky.

I have had serious mental problems for the past two nights, so I bought tylenol, and now hopefully work will be better. Earlier in the week I had two good shifts in a row, so whats up with this? it needs to even itself out?

But Moira and Ben went to see King Kong, so I got to see Moira's fresh hairdo again! It's lovely. I'm jealous and want to get my hair done.

People that I used to like, I like less now. Even if it was based on a positive first impression, it's going away. When you find out things about people or get to know them better, it makes you re-evaluate your feelings toward them. And this isn't a single thing. Like me cryptically singling out one person. This is a good handful of people, and it kind of sucks, to have to do that.

I'm very pissed off that I hadn't had the internet. because if I did, I would have known that fall out boy was playing in st pauls and that the tickets went on sale TODAY at 11AM. Oh I'm so pissed. So very fucking pissed.

I have nothing of importance to say. But, that's a pretty hat. lol

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jhgsvrwyjm!@ [07 Jan 2006|09:26pm]
[ mood | chocolate and coffee ]

I still don't have internet, don't throw a party quite yet.

I'm just wondering who came by work Friday, asked about me, then didn't tell who it was saying hi!? Hilary is terrible with descriptions so I'm convinced that some stranger has found me out. One of those undercover police officers putting all those criminals out of society. Well. I was cleaning theatres at that time, and Mr. curiosity is killing me. It's true what they say.

School is soon, but I have to work and do homework, so, someone can help me with math now, okay thx.

Plus I've had dreams about all of you and now I need to dish. /girl

[that's right.]

[19 Dec 2005|09:28pm]
[ mood | yellow ]

I have no time. Yet when it seems that I'm not doing anything and I could be using this time for the things I have no time for.. I'm just not. I spend all this 'not-time' thinking or wishing I would stop thinking, or drawing when I know I'll hate it, and then not finishing it because I don't have time. Or else I'm writing. But it's basically thinking, because I'm mentally writing, where I have this written piece in its entirety lurking in my brain replayed maybe once and then forgotten by the time I get a pen. [I bet you didn't know I've had a dA account since grade 11 that nobody knows about -full of pieces of writing that no one is allowed to read. (made plenty of time before the one you know about)] Time for me is like a run on sentence like the ones I always use. Where if I actually thought over it wisely I could plan it or cut it up just so, so that it would work out and everything could fit. If I spent as much time managing my time as I spent intraspectively deciding that I'm a poor time-manager, things would have fallen into play quite nicely, or would have been continuing to do so since I realized I've been over thinking this problem. So being on the computer now is like this mock time reversal to when I spent my extra time on a computer working on html and websites and graphics and music -when I loved it and thought that there were no more important things than those. But it confuses me that at that time I could be a social recluse while maintaining an actual joy in making conversation with.. society. Now it seems I have to force myself to pretend to enjoy what I used to and I have this incapability to have social interaction without being offensive or bored with the concept of making conversation with most people. It seems there has been some mental selection out of my control of who I genuinely enjoy listening/talking to on any given day. My brain has taken this shift where it, not I, decides what it wants to concentrate on (schoolwork not being one of them), who on (this is more often emotionally draining), and when it feels like doing any of this. Plus it's decided to have a callous attitude to deal anything whatsoever to my mother and her feelings, seeing as her imperfections in her 'parenting' seem to outweigh the positives. So my brain spends most of it's time thinking of boy*s -or rather the rollercoaster annoyances of them, and the fact that I have left myself little to look forward to, and the fact that it, itself, is sick of wasting time.. being used. One of these days I'll do something right where 'useless' wont come up, where I'll feel like something was accomplished -and not something that I'll overthink because it was a moronic move in the wrong direction of accomplishment. One of these days I'll wake up without being pissed off at one thing or another (whether it be you, me, him, her, or this brain).

*S added for grammar's sake, avoiding the fact that it has been ignored for the bulk of this post.

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Snow Day. [15 Dec 2005|11:13am]
[ mood | some kind of green ]

I didn't want to stay home. This means I have to do shit around the house or else I show up to school with two black eyes. (I was already told twice Moira xP) So I'm going to do three loads of laundry, I don't have that many clothes, so, who's could these be? hmm. I have to clean Marleys cage, because doing it on tuesday night wasn't good enough for one more day. I have to not only finish packing my stuff, but go find things in the garage to put her china cabinet shit into, seeing as she decided she no longer wants it around. Oh and do the dishes and vacuum, because she works for a living and she shouldn't have to come home and work here too. Did I mention, that this woman is incapable of making her own bed? She expects it done for when she wants to go to bed, so that she can sleep in a nicely organized tucked in bed. But leaves it in a wreckage every morning.

But I love you Amie, my straightener is so good. I love it. I'm either going to hug you to death or empty my piggy bank for you.
Oh and Cheryl, the offer still stands. I think this paycheck will be less than I was hoping to pay you, but you don't even need money to do this little favour. I know you don't ;). {psst, don't say anything in your comment *cough}
Wouldn't it be cool to just leave your body for a few days and do some mystical wandering in ghost form, and then return once you figure everything out and are able to make clear-headed decisions?

That three-day headache is gone. I'm pumped about that. I didn't even take anything.

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