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Peeled back skin

Chellsea Taylor
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I'm Chellsea. I probably think I'm better than you, and I'm probably willing to tell you as much.

I'm a big liar. You know this because if you read the last sentence you'll wonder why it doesn't scream out that I really have the confidence (and breath) of a warthog. xD

Haha. Totally put creaming in them interests. If you know me, you know creaming.

Luhhhh.. lubbell terrace uh par tegg en.
3 days grace live, 3 doors down, acoustic guitar, alexisonfire, animals, arm tattoos, avenged sevenfold, bare feet, batman, big brother 6, biking, black, black socks, boys, boys who sing, boys with dimples, boys with facial hair, boys with guitars, bruce willis, buddy guy, cat in the hat, cereal, channing tatum, chess, chris evans, christian bale, clive owen, coldplay, colin firth, computer nerds, concerts, covers, creaming, dancing, dave matthews, dawson's creek, default, dispatch, dmb, drama geeks, dramatic arts, drawing, elijah wood, emile hirsch, emo glasses, eyes, fall out boy, final destination 3, foo fighters, frodo, fruit salad, gavin degraw, george pettit, gogol bordello, good will hunting, graphic design, green, green grapes, greenwheel, guitar, guster, hippies, hot hot heat, howie day, iced tea, independent movies, inside man, ipod, jack johnson, jake gyllenhaal, jared leto, jason, jason mraz, jason mraz icons, jennifer lopez, jeremy sisto, joaquin phoenix, john mayer, john mayer icons, karate, katie holmes, kaysar, kenneth branagh, kevin cline, kevin spacey, kicking ass, laguna beach, lauren (lc), math, merchandise, michael rosenbaum, movies, movies based on novels, music, mxpx live, nerds, nick stahl, nickelback, obi wan, ocean's eleven, october fall, ok go, one tree hill, oscar, painting, patrick stump, pierced eyebrow, pylons, rachel mcadams, raised eyebrow, reality shows, ringtunes, rock, ryan merriman, scarlett johansson, shows, sin city, slipknot, smallville, smarties, staind, staind live, stanislav ianevski, stars, step up, sublime, switchfoot, teitur, the hills, visual arts, web design, yellow, you, ,